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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 14, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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who has been sexually assaulted. what the feds say is happening right here in california. and where in the bay area, those numbers are hitting home. >> statistically, you know someone who has been sexually assaulted. what to say is happening right here in california and where in the bay area those numbers are heading home. >> fundraiser rob while it was still going on. by police say after to get away the suspects make themselves invisible. >> you could call it the funeral where the body was still warm. by activists that are profitable in the community swimming pool and why the mourning may be premature. >> and how frosty the dog made his way back to safety. >> the numbers are startling. nearly one in five american women has been raped in her lifetime. one out of four has been beaten by an intimate partner and the cdc study finds that one in six
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has been soft. please need help on predators off the streets before more women become statistics. >> she takes the same walk every day, down 20 fourth street crossing fair oaks in the mission. >> i'm shocked and surprised and now on guard and on alert and wanting to take extra precautions. >> the similar path of them path element thursday when she was brutally raped. tonight at digital was set up in solidarity. the rose petals represent the blood trail left behind after the attack. another woman who is also assaulted on 20 fourth street
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in november at assembly time. the suspects seen here for the first time in suburban studio is described as between 5-foot 7 inches and 6 feet tall in his mid- 30's. police handed out composite sketches of the suspect or internet community meeting at st. james catholic church. >> we feel that we have someone that is very dangerous to the community and that is why we are taking this extremely seriously. >> the police department is making themselves known in the area. >> i have assigned more officers. >> people who work and live in the neighborhood say crimes like these are very unusual in the area. they do agree that the area between 20 fourth and her oaks can get extraordinarily dark at night. in fact businesses like this are considering giving motion detecting lies outside the building. as for anna, this is the last time she walked down 20 fourth street alone at night. >> will probably take it different route and use more precautions. >> police can confirm if the two rapes are connected but so far this is the only suspect they are looking for and urging anyone who knows anything about the attacks were the suspects seen here to please contact the police.
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>> thank you. >> at traffic stop turned into the police shootout. it happened just after 1:00 this afternoon on larkin street in san francisco's tenderloin. police say after they stopped the vehicle, the suspect ran and fired two shots at them. one officer are back hitting the man. it all happened in front of several people. >> i saw the guys chasing him and i saw the guy that was when he turned to look, and i'm not sure if he was addressing the police officers or what, but at that point as he turned there were shots fired and the guy went down. >> while this was going on, the female passenger in the suspects is closely over to the drivers seat and drove off. she has not been found. no officers were hurt and the man shot buy police is in the hospital. >> aquatics agents fanned out across the state today in the
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raid on the pop club. there were following up on the complaint about illegal sales and butter laundering when they moved in on the happy wellness center into work this afternoon. the short time later police swarmed the clinics owner's home in danville. that's when they arrested the 24 -year-old manager and police are still looking for the owner and two others. >> how low can you go? of band was practicing and playing for a lot of people to raise money for middle schoolers for their schools music program, and then he stole the show. along with all of their donations. the thieves were caught on camera robert lyles tells us they still may be hard to spot. >> it was the packed house. more than 600 parents cheering for the middle school musicians during last night's annual
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winter concert. but outside one parent let out this chilling cries. oh my god. >> because the bully hell benjamin franklin middle school band had just been loved. >> this was the cash box that was found today. >> how much was in that? spivak over $700. >> cameras were rolling as the total of four suspects case to the auditorium. >> the first time, they came around and circle the auditorium. >> two suspects then crept in to the foyer, blending in with spectators paying $5 per person and literally snatching the cash box from the appearance hand. >> so they had no knowledge that the suspect was going past? >> they did it fast walk in and ran out. >> then they joined the other two suspects and did this.
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>> they turned their hooded sweatshirt inside out so they were different color and it was difficult to pinpoint who they were. >> you will recall that the start of the school year was in jeopardy after thieves stole to cover, copper wire to cover up the ball field in. >> the students played on mostly because parents didn't have the heart to tell them that the money had been ripped off. >> it hurt me. i don't know why they would do something like that. >> this district budget cuts come at music was already in jeopardy and that this money is not replaced, music at franklin could go silent. >> the school is desperately trying to make up the money. if you'd like to help, send donations to the rights of the most full band boosters.
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about 501 star avenue in the late. everyone agreed that uc police need different standards of conduct when dealing with peaceful student protests. staff there today to review the rules regarding use of force. this came in the wake of the pepper spray incident last month as well as the protest at uc berkeley when police used batons to push through lines of protesters. >> i think it's their responsibility to say, you may not want the occupiers out at all because it's too confrontational. >> legislatures want to know what will be done to prevent this from happening in the future. no decisions were made today. >> the funeral tonight, not to say farewell to our loved one but four at bay area swimming pool that is closing. but this is no ordinary pool, it's all warm pool used by disabled and elderly for their
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health. mark is there on the all-out fight to save the 30 -year-old landmark. >> at what is called the berkeley warm pool, pallbearers brought in the ceremonial coffin to mark the end of an era. after 30 years before this to close tomorrow. it's used by the elderly and disabled who uses the 92-degree water to maintain their health. >> by joints are relaxed and there's no specificity were cramping. >> the pool is operated by the city that sits inside an old gym at berkeley high school which is seismically unsafe. the school plans to tear it down to make room for new construction. but the users that i will leave them with nowhere to go. >> some people say they will die or be in nursing homes because the ability to exercise
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is crucial to life. >> it's essentially shutting out the whole category of people. i actually don't know how berkeley can live with this. >> supporters of the pool have now filed the federal lawsuit, claiming this is violating the americans with disabilities act by closing the pool. incorporated breeze, the city says other resources are available through other pools and the ymca. robert collier is with the berkeley pools campaign advocating for pools citywide. >> berkeley is failing to plan to keep this type of facility in the city. >> the only thing that could save the pool at this point is the last minute rule the federal judge is hearing the case. >> at the trail that could turn. people responsible for keeping your food safe under arrest for looking the other way.
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>> the lights are up in the halls are decked, but one site of the holiday season is missing. the difference the year can in the sierra. >> tossed out like trash and left for dead. rusty the dog is alive and kicking with the tale to tell you. we will tell you about his battle scars. >> temperatures not too frosty tonight due to increasing cloud cover. the pinpoint forecasts as eyewitness news continues.
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to here. health inspectors accused of taking bribes to get our restaurant clean bill of health. the d.a. says that they did not put san francisco restaurant employee circuit city exams. instead they are accused of selling and certifications. investigators say the inspectors then pocketed the couple of thousand dollars amounts between 2007 and 2008. >> the government has helped to very high standard and if they violate that standard of trust there will be consequences. >> the suspects could face more than eight years in prison and $10,000 in fines. >> the sierra slopes are waiting for white christmas but right now it's looking more
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like an nightmare. how business is big and small are coping with the sofar dry winter season. >> the puff of white cloud is the sign of snow meetings under way. it has been repeated over and over since mother nature hasn't cooperated. >> what what are you looking at two open? >> they are hoping to open by christmas. we are doing the snow dance. >> these skiers can't work looking for snow and didn't find it. and i record nearly 700 inches of snowfall. science one oh watch for snow removal equipment and even in june would have had to put this year it's dry. >> this is what they are dealing with. they be enough for us small snowman or snowball fight, but maybe six months ago and the same spot, this is what i was
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looking at. in fact snowplows were still running through summer. >> i kept plowing through about the tenth of august. >> porn sailor says this year has been tried but cold. >> we've had good cold weather in us by the resorts have been able to make a lot of snow. >> they have been making snow around-the-clock for the last 60 hours. temperatures and humidity are perfect for that. that's the same in school valley. compared to 87 and 161 inches this time last year. businesses that rely on travelers don't have many customers. folks at this market are asking people to test all superstitions to get it to snow. >> we have to have christmas. >> the big resorts don't seem to be too worried because they are making snow and the already open. if the smaller businesses that are having difficult time that everyone is accounted on the fact that they get the bulk of their snow in the month of december,
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january and february. >> all right. i like that time, it said etc. said it, washing the car. have the barbecue. that will get it going. >> that's right. especially if dana king washes her car. >> it does look like they have some light snow showers in the forecast. right now let's take to look at our satellite. the clouds are rolling into the bay area and there you have it. i believe this satellite is overplayed and precipitation ever so lightly. it's the leading edge of an area of low pressure that has increased in our cart cover tonight with a few light showers, primarily within north port the delta, but otherwise the bulk of the activity spreading to the south. then behind it, dry conditions albeit on the greasy side. they diligently on the dry side, of cold fronts bringing the smattering of snow and some
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snow in the high sierra. as the cold front approaches, behind hour cool temps and north winds 10 or 20 miles per hour. in the north bay all of this should be said and done by lunch hour and i might even be overplayed these totals. pretty much about the tenth of an inch of rain, about an inch of snow down to lake level in the high sierra, but always carry their chains. 30's and 40s, under 60 degrees elsewhere. the extended forecast is called for each end of the day. it looks like we will have a few clouds lingering on friday, but overall this guys over the weekend and google caught up by this time next week, temperatures where they should be this time.
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it's warmer two. >> what this is similar to what happened last year also. >> that's right. >> it was the story that shocked many in the bay area and not just wonder who could do such of thing. the smalltalk tossed out the window of the moving car. tonight rossi has been found. we have the tools story of survival. >> restiveness found bloodied and broken after roaming the cold streets of monterey for two weeks. >> is it fair to say that you are shocked that he is allied? >> presti has been missing since december first. that's along time front out to be on its own. >> the one year old poodle makes for escape from the foster home on seaside.
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>> then there were reports that he was either hit by car or truck, car here. the passerby excludes him up and he escaped out of their arms one more time. >> this part of high-profile search with the thousand dollar reward. this map shows some of the locations where he was spotted. he crossed several several busy highways covering the distance of 10 miles. >> presti is the very lucky little dog and he obviously had some street smarts to avoid cars and find safe places to sleep at night. >> neighbor found him at noon today with grease marks on his back and covered in ticks. doctors had to remove his badly infected right eye and said he would have lasted just a few more days on his own. >> we are blessed to the sound relatively safe.
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>> rusty the dog, representing the worst and best of what people can do. >> he will make the comeback. doing the job of the man and read it while wearing prison blues. >> born in this case, black-and- white. why this is the busy season for bay area inmates. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office.
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time on their hands, have worked all year to make christmas >> they are not typical workers you will find incentives workshop, but these men was quite of bit of time on their hands have worked all year to do christmas wonderful children. and that quibec on this time- honored tradition behind bars. >> they are not your typical santa's helpers. >> i am in here for criminal threats. >> and this is far from any sort of plodding slave at the center county inmates are doing the same job as the man in red, only they are in black-and- white. >> i'm glad i could help. >> inmates at the correctional facility have been working on
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his wooden toys all year. >> this is what i do on the outside. it keeps my skills sharp and makes time go by faster. >> they are being donated to toys for tots. >> to an unfortunate family, i've toyed is at toy. and i grew up not having christmases. so it's one way for the county and the marine corps to say merry christmas. >> this inmate is familiar with the program. but the marine, always the marine. >> it's odd seeing the marine family in here. >> they are distributing 300 toys to kids this year and next year they are planning on doubling the number, which will be made easier due to the influx of prisoners to the local county jail. >> we do a lot of vocational
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training here including the patience. we have welding shop and body shop. the thicker the better we can train inmates to return to the street and have skills is better, thus helping the kids. >> we are more than happy to assist. >> everyone wants to believe they can get the hot date, but it turns out that some actually believe that more than others. researchers found that less attractive men are more likely to overestimate the beautiful woman's interest in them. ken and dennis are laughing. better looking guys have more music assessments and women underestimate the man's sexual interest. >> why does the producer always put those stories leading up to be? an nba superstar is traded. plus why do jackson thinks the
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raiders really lost the last two games. that's coming up next.
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♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. approved an updated program to lding >> how about the good news for the 40 niners and raiders tonight ask the nfl owners approved an updated program to help teens finance the building of new stadiums. the nfl commissioners are making policies, the nba is making trades. the nba, after the hornets traded chris ball to the clippers in the four player deal just like what would have said they all pro pulled to the lakers. was cut by cleveland under
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the new amnesty clause and that states that will save the cavaliers 20 million over the next few season. ben russell sperber did not practice today. he's in the walking boot with the sprained ankle and may not play is what the steelers are saying. you can bet he will be on the field. raiders coach hugh jackson is taking the blame for the last two blog losses, and he says it has to do with his goatee. >> i think it's time for this to go. i think when i was clean, i was doing pretty good so i will change pretty soon. >> you have to hand it to the head coach because he's keeping it up. >> is what? >> is doppler. >> is always about the weather. >> of the lost his quarterback
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and his receiver. >> if he gets more back sunday, and i think he will, he practiced today, then the raiders beat the lions. other guaranteed. the, that is a guarantee.
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